Southern district’s “100 VND houses” movement makes life easier for disadvantaged students

(VOVWORLD) - More than 11,000 members of the Ho Chi Minh Young Pioneer Brigade in Go Quao district, Kien Giang province, have participated in a movement called “Small plan” to help disadvantaged peers continue their education. The “100 VND houses” campaign is part of the “Small plan” movement launched by the district’s Brigade Council.

Southern district’s “100 VND houses” movement makes life easier for disadvantaged students - ảnh 1Primary students in Go Quao collect empty bottles and cups during school playtime. 

(Photo: Go Quao district’s webportal) 

Over the past 6 years, by collecting and selling empty bottles to raise money, 38 Young Pioneer Units in Go Quao district have built 13 houses of friendship worth more than 11,000 USD for disadvantaged families.

The family of Danh Thanh Dat, a sixth grader at Go Quao district’s Ethnic Minority Boarding School, is a beneficiary of the program. Thi Da Ra, Dat’s mother, is thankful that their tiny thatched house has been replaced by a more spacious house.                             

“Because we are a near poor household, the state helped us build a house, but that house already collapsed due to soil erosion. We have buit a more solid house thanks to financial support from the school and relatives.”

Southern district’s “100 VND houses” movement makes life easier for disadvantaged students - ảnh 2

The “House of friendship” model at Go Quao Primary School. (Photo:

After playtime, many students of Go Quao Primary School stayed at the schoolyard to collect empty bottles and cups and put them in house-shaped containers called “100 VND houses”.

The school principal Tran Thien Ngoan said the program raises the students’ awareness of environmental protection, teaches them how to sort recyclables, and encourages them to support each other. The model has been applied at the school for 3 years, Mr Ngoan said.

“The students have become more aware of keeping the school campus clean, green, and beautiful. Plastic waste has been put in house-shaped containers. All the students have participated. Our main purpose is to teach the students to share classmates’ problems, such as obtaining school supplies and medical insurance cards. Such acts are important in forming their character,” Ngoan noted.

To encourage disadvantaged students to go to school, other models have been implemented under the “Small plan” movement, including the so-called “Vegetable gardens we look after”, “Raising piggy banks”, and collecting waste-paper or rice. The proceeds are used to provide scholarships, school supplies, and accommodations for the disadvantaged students.

Nguyen Vu Huy, head of the Communication and Education Board of the Go Quao district Party Committee, said the “Small plan” movement, especially the “100 VND houses” program, has spread President Ho Chi Minh’s example among Young Pioneer members.

“The movement has taught students about mutual affection and support, following Uncle Ho’s example,” Huy added.

The money from the “Small plan” movement has been used to set up school libraries, build a Truong Sa sovereignty milestone, and build recreation facilities in poor residential areas.