Vang Danh coal mine, where mining is more than underground work

(VOVWORLD) - The Vang Danh coal mine, with its more than 5,000 employees, is one of the biggest mines in the northern border province of Quang Ninh. Generations of Vang Danh workers have lived there, bringing to the area the typical characteristics of miners’ life.
Vang Danh coal mine, where mining is more than underground work - ảnh 1 The after-work resting house for miners at the Vang Danh Coal Company. 

After working hours, the roads surrounding the Vang Danh coal-mining area are full of miners’ boisterous voices and laughter. In the so-called after-work resting house, they share daily stories or simply listen together to charming songs.

Pham Van Thang, a worker of the Vang Danh Coal Company, said the house was initiated by the company’s trade union.

“After one shift, we have a bath, drink tea, and have some fruit. Apart from the refreshments between the second and third shifts, we are also provided with a meal for the last working shift,” Thang explained.

A meal shared together in the company dormitory is full of the same warm moments just like those found at home. The miners consider the dormitory their home away from home and their colleagues family relatives.

The Vang Danh Coal Company has upgraded its dormitory with modern facilities and equipment to accommodate thousands of workers. The housing complex has a canteen, an entertainment area, a sports ground, and a medical station.

Vang Danh coal mine, where mining is more than underground work - ảnh 2 The Vang Danh Coal Company’s canteen. 

“The working conditions in the mines and accommodations are well provided for. I feel satisfied and hope that the company will maintain and further improve the conditions as time goes on,” said Le Quoc Tri, a Vang Danh employee. 

Vang Danh workers are provided with medical checkups twice a year and are given free treatment for ordinary diseases.

“I have been working for Vang Danh for a decade, during which I have received medical check-ups and treatment about 20 times. Doctors are thoughtful and diligent,” said Nguyen Van Sy.

Every year, the most outstanding employees are rewarded with trans-Vietnam tours or holidays abroad. Thousands of company staff members together with their families are treated to short vacations.

“Taking care of and safeguarding worker health and happiness is vital for a company because its growth depends on human resources,” said Bui Van Giang, Vice President of the company’s trade union.