Van Quyet loses title "Player of the Year" to Quang Hai

(VOVWORLD) -VPF representatives have explained why Van Quyet was not named the Player of the Year in the V-League 2019.

As the Hanoi FC captain, Van Quyet contributed a lot to Hanoi’s championship this year. The 28-year-old was voted the best player of the 2019 season for Hanoi FC.

However, the VPF board has selected Nguyen Quang Hai as the V-League 2019 Player of the Year.

Van Quyet loses title Van Quyet played brilliantly in the second leg of the V-League. (Photo: Le Thanh) 

Explaining the decision, VPF chairman Tran Anh Tu said, “I know that Van Quyet contributed a lot to Hanoi FC, but his playing only 15 of  26 games had a big impact on the votes."

Mr Nguyen Trong Hoai said Nguyen Van Quyet did not play enough to qualify for the title. 

He said: "Van Quyet was injured, so he only played 15 games. Besides, he received a red card and was suspended for two games, so he did not meet the requirements. This is unfortunate for him, but we must follow the regulations."