Teaching skills to children during the COVID-19 outbreak

(VOVWORLD) - The temporary school closure in response to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus epidemic (Covid-19) has led parents to make special arrangements for their children’s daycare solutions. For many, this break time is an opportunity to forge closer family bonding and better prepare their children with necessary skills when going back to school. 

After one week off, Dao Thi Ha from Hai Ba Trung District recognized that her two sons started neglecting their study and the homework assigned by the teachers. So, in the second week, Ha designed her own plan to adjust her children’s routine. The sons are asked to wake up at 7am for breakfast before doing homework, and finishing some chores. The afternoon starts at 2pm with book reading, game playing and relaxing. After keeping on their mom’s schedule for 3 weeks, the sons are more active and supportive.

Ha said: “We have become closer because I have more time for teaching my children the skills which I never paid so much attention to before. I instruct my sons how to do some simple tasks like cleaning the house or cooking. The most important things are to improve my sons’ immune system and to keep our minds calm.”   

Teaching skills to children during the COVID-19 outbreak - ảnh 1A mom spends time teaching her daughter to draw every day (Photo: baokhanhhoa.vn)

Even when all schools are temporarily closed, online teaching is conducted. Students can attend classes from home, discuss with friends via interactive tools, complete their assignments, and wait for their teachers' feedback. However, the children spend most of the time home, so parents have to rearrange their family routine to take care of the children.

Mother-of-two, one in grade 8 and the other in grade 4, Tran Thi Kim Thoa, Cau Giay District said: “It’s a challenge for my family, however, why can’t we turn the challenge in to an opportunity. If parents know how to use this time, it will strengthen the family relationship, thus, the children might want to play and talk to mom and dad more.” 

Teaching skills to children during the COVID-19 outbreak - ảnh 2A student reviews lessons on her phone during a school break amid the COVID-19 epidemic in Ho Chi Minh City, February, 2020. (Photo: Nhu Hung / Tuoi Tre) 

According to psychologists, this “holiday” is unexpected but parents can consider this an opportunity to better understand, be closer, and teach their children necessary soft skills.

Education expert, Dr. Vu Thu Huong, said: “There are a lot of things parents can do. Parents can ask children to handle some household chores during their break. Spending time for family games can make parents and children be more engaged. Holding small talks can bring children to share their wishes and ideas, through which parents will know what the children are thinking to guide them as to what is right and what is wrong.” 

Associate Professor - Dr. Tran Thanh Nam, Hanoi National University, said the current outbreak brings both opportunities and challenges for parents in teaching life skills to their children. “Many families have thought that schools take all responsibility for the education of children from expanding their knowledge to upgrading their life skills. This holiday break helps parents look back at their role in coordinating with schools in educating children,” Nam said.

The fight against the coronavirus takes time and effort. The well-being of the students and families is a top priority.  Rearranging schedules to take care of the children is not easy, however, with the cooperation between schools and parents, the holiday can be a happy time for all children. 

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