Cong Luong village, where men do farm work, women stay home

(VOVWORLD) - The city of Hue is famous for its ancient architectural heritages, its culture, and its people’s good conduct. On the outskirts of Hue, there are farm villages where the village women never have to work in the fields. All the farm work is done by men. The village is fondly called the “village of wife lovers”.
Cong Luong village, where men do farm work, women stay home - ảnh 1 Cong Luong women look free because  local men are in chage of working in the fields. (Photo:

The village of Cong Luong is 7km from Hue city. The village custom has existed for hundreds of years though it is hard to believe.  For many, it is a strange story because the image of women plowing and tending rice in the fields has become a symbol of Vietnam.

The small village of Công Lương retains an ancient, pensive, peaceful look. A popular scene by the river wharf at the entrance into the village is local women washing clothes and chatting leisurely; the pathways are deserted; several women are selling something, and children are playing in the norrow lanes. Meanwhile, the village men are busily harvesting and transporting rice.

Le Van Tri, a village elder, told VOV: “Nobody knows when the custom began. It may have been hundreds of years ago. But this is my village’s tradition.”

If you ask the men working in the fields about the origin of the custom – men working in the fields, women staying at home to do housework and take care of the children - you will always get the same answer. The custom is accepted as a natural rule that all male and female villagers must abide by.

Truong Huu Tri, head of Cong Luong village, said farm work requires strong health and getting up early. Local men have been familiar with farm work for a long time. 

“Cong Lương village subsists on farming. Women don’t participate in agricultural work. They only bring food and water to their husbands and sons working in the fields,” Tri said.

Cong Luong village, where men do farm work, women stay home - ảnh 2 All farm work is done by male villagers (Photo:

Cong Luong men have voluntarily taken the hard work upon themselves, making “village of wife lovers” a brand for Cong Luong.

Le Thi Gai, who married a man from Công Lương village 30 years ago, said: “Local men love their wives very much. Pursuant to the custom, male villagers work in the rice fields and local women are in charge of doing housework and taking care of children.”