Dak Lak’s new rural development experiences

Dak Lak’s new rural development experiences - ảnh 1
Photo: baodaklak.vn
(VOVworld) – Dak Lak province’s Krong Pach district has completed all 19 criteria of the national new rural development program. This is attributed to the local authorities’ wise leadership and local public consensus in
implementing the program. Krong Pach’s initial achievements have encouraged other localities in Dak Lak to speed up their implementation of the national new rural development program. VOV’s H’Xiu reports…

Three years ago, Krong Pach district’s Hoa Dong commune had completed only 7 out of the new rural program’s 19 criteria. A number of the program’s important criteria, including reducing poverty, increasing local per capita income, and upgrading local infrastructure remained uncompleted. Hoa Dong also used to be Dak Lak’s hot spot for social unrest.

Hoa Dong authorities set up a committee to publicize the commune’s new rural development plans to every local hamlet. Local officials have taken the lead in implementation by contributing their own money and labour. Travel is now much easier in Hoa Dong thanks to newly paved roads. Luong Thi Doi lives in hamlet 17, Hoa Dong commune, Krong Pach district: "The local people all support this program. In the past, we had to walk on muddy roads rain or shine. Now, we have the convenience of travelling on paved roads."

In 5 years, Hoa Dong has completed all of the program’s 19 criteria. Most of the local roads have been paved, schools have been built, and the poverty rate has been reduced to 3.4% while local per capita income has reached 1200 USD/year, twice what it was in 2010. Nguyen Dinh Vuong, chairman of the Hoa Dong communal People’s Committee attributes this success to a high degree of consensus between local authorities and the public.

Ea Kao commune in Buon Ma Thuot City is another role model in Dak Lak’s new rural development. Ea Kao was the first commune to complete all of the national program’s 19 criteria. Phan Van Truong, chairman of the Ea Kao communal People’s Committee, recalls that back in 2012, Ea Kao had only completed 9 criteria. To complete the remaining 10 criteria, communal authorities organized regular meetings in each hamlet where local people were encouraged to contribute their ideas about the program. Truong told VOV: "Each criterion was thoroughly discussed by local officials and the public. I was in charge of implementing the two most difficult criteria - upgrading roads and building schools. The entire political system and public united to make this program a success."