VOV celebrates 70th National Resistance Day

Monday, December 19, 2016 - 17:50:09

(VOVworld)- The Voice of Vietnam on Monday held a ceremony to mark the 70th anniversary of National Resistance Day. In his address, VOV President Nguyen The Ky recalled the day 70 years ago when President Ho Chi Minh made his appeal for national resistance on Radio the Voice of Vietnam.

“President Ho Chi Minh ordered the foundation of Radio the Voice of Vietnam in 1945. In the early days of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, President Ho Chi Minh made speeches and talked with the people and soldiers about Party guidelines and state policies through VOV. President Ho Chi Minh considered radio an effective tool to serve the Party and government. During the difficult days that faced the nation, he used radio to deliver combat orders, appealed, and encouraged the people to rise up to fight against the French colonialists and save the nation”.

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VOV President Nguyen The Ky addresses VOV's celebration of 70th National Resistance Day

Attending the event, former Party leader Le Kha Phieu shared his memories of the Voice of Vietnam and his thoughts on revolutionary books including “From Thach Han river to Restored Sword Lake” by Phan Quang, VOV’s former President.

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