Party Central Committee's conference concludes

Tuesday, May 15, 2012 - 20:37:35

(VOV) - The fifth conference of the Communist Party of Vietnam Central Committee (CPVCC) (11th tenure) successfully concluded on May 15 after a 9-day working session.

Mr Trong said participants in the conference emphasized the special importance of the amendments to the 1992 Constitution that should be considered in a dialectical and comprehensive way.

Amendment proposals should be based on the revision of the implementation of the 1992 Constitution and other related laws, and a good grasp of the Political Platform on building up the country in the transitional period toward socialism (revised and amended in 2011) and resolution of the 11th National Party Congress.

The Party chief said the amendments should be made in the spirit of the resolution of the 11th Party Central Committee's second meeting, under the sound leadership of the Party.

The amendments should draw in opinions contributed by experts, scientists, managers, and people, laying a scientific foundation for the National Assembly to consider and approve.

Regarding the amendments to the Law on Land, the Party leader emphasized that land is the nation’s most precious resource and special means of production. Therefore, it is an urgent task to study revision of and amendments to the Law on Land to repair the shortcomings of the current law to ensure land use efficiency, environmental protection, national food security, socio-political stability and sustainable development.

Mr Trong highlighted the positive changes in anti-corruption, especially through ensuring State apparatus transparency, implementing administrative reforms, and managing public assets.

However, he pointed out some shortcomings of anti-corruption, saying that it is a must to speed up the fight against corruption and waste in the spirit of the 11th National Party Congress’s resolution.

The CPVCC approved the establishment of a Central Steering Committee on preventing and combating corruption under the Politburo and re-establishment of an Internal Affairs Commission, which acts as a permanent agency of the steering committee, Mr Trong said.

Mr Trong also reaffirmed the Party Central Committee’s requirements for the improvement of physical and mental living condition for people who rendered great service to the revolution and the maintenance of social welfare. The Party leader emphasized all CPVCC members’ responsibilities for effectively implementing the resolution to fulfil the socio-economic development target in 2012.




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