1st anniversary of VOV English 24/7

(VOVworld)- Today, November 6th marks the first anniversary of the official launch of VOV 24/7 English Channel. First broadcast on October 1st, this is the first 24/7 English Channel in Vietnam.
1st anniversary of VOV English 24/7 - ảnh 1

The program is aimed at English speaking listeners inside and outside Vietnam. Over the past year, VOV 24/7 English Channel has broadcast a large amount of stories introducing Vietnam’s renewal achievements, laws, and policies and giving listeners insights into Vietnam’s politics, economy, culture, society, sports, geography, people, customs, traditions, cuisine and music. It has provided infotainment updates and commentaries on different aspects of life in Vietnam and around the globe. Over the past more than 50 weeks, more than 50 Vietnamese and foreign chefs have joined the Food Delight segment to share recipes of making foreign dishes like French beef flanks, and Australian Magret River Wagyu, and Vietnamese food like Moon cakes, lotus seed, and longan sweet soup. We have invited Minh Quan Idol and members of the Indie Rock Band Ngot to our studio and played songs at requests in the BZB music corner. We have met several foreigners who are both cultural experts and ordinary people to learn about cultures of other countries around the world. You must remember our stories in our Culture Rendevouz about Japanese kimono and tea culture, Belgian beer, dances and festival, or  Chuseok, the annual thanksgiving holiday, is the second biggest event after Lunar New Year Festival in Korea, and many more other interesting stories. We have just mentioned few of the stories we have broadcast on VOV English 24/7 over the past year. One year has passed. VOV staff is making every effort to further improve our broadcasts and to become more interactive with listeners inside and outside Vietnam. VOV English 24/7 is also livestreamed at www.vovworld.vn.