Book in tribute to former VOV leader Phan Quang released

(VOVWORLD) - A written tribute to Phan Quang, former Voice of Vietnam (VOV) Director General and Editor-in-Chief was published Thursday on the 73rd anniversary of VOV.
Book in tribute to former VOV leader Phan Quang released - ảnh 1 The book "“ Phan Quang – 90-year life, 70-year career” in tribute to former VOV leader Phan Quang was released on September 6th, 2018

 VOV President Nguyen The Ky recalled that VOV broadcast its very first 90-minute program with Vietnamese, French, and English news and music at 11:30 on September 7th, 1945. That historic program broadcast a recording of President Ho Chi Minh reading Vietnam’s Declaration of Independence on September 2nd, 1945. Mr. Ky said VOV has upheld its glorious tradition: “VOV has rapidly expanded its multimedia model to span radio, TV, print, and online. We are proud that so many accomplished journalists, writers, poets, artists, managers, and technicians have worked for VOV over the past 73 years. VOV is a place where numerous artists have introduced timeless hits.”

Mr. Ky spoke highly of former VOV Director General and Editor-in-Chief Phan Quang’s role in the development of VOV in its early days. Before beginning to work at VOV in 1988, Phan Quang had been the Deputy Minister of Information and Communications. He achieved breakthroughs in developing program formats and technology with three radio channels and the first FM broadcast.

“Phan Quang – 90-year life, 70-year career” was compiled by Associate Professor Nguyen Thi Truong Giang, head of the Radio and TV Department of the Academy of Journalism and Communication. Ms. Giang said: “The book includes articles about Phan Quang by different authors and his own works, a total of 99 articles, starting with one written in 1987 by noted poet Che Lan Vien and finishing with an article written by Ho Quang Loi, this August. The number 99 represents luck and prosperity, not the total number of articles written about Phan Quang’s life and career.”