VOV Vice President receives Argentinean, Cuban diplomats

(VOVworld)- On Thursday, VOV Vice President Vu Hai received a delegation of the Argentinean Embassy led by Charge de’ Affairs Maria Belen Garcia Alcat.
VOV Vice President receives Argentinean, Cuban diplomats - ảnh 1

In his address, Mr. Hai said VOV wanted to increase cooperation with the Argentinean Embassy in communications and organizing cultural events. Hai said:“The Argentinean Embassy can be a bridge linking VOV with a radio TV station in Argentina so that the two sides can exchange programs. The Cultural section of the Embassy can work with VOV’s International Cooperation Department to develop program formats to help Vietnamese audience learn more about Argentina”.

The Argentinean diplomat said her embassy plans to expand its cooperation with media agencies in Vietnam to further introduce Argentina in the country. The same day, Vice President Hai met the outgoing First Secretary of the Cuban Embassy in Vietnam Liurka Rodriguez Barrios and new First Secretary Nancy Coro. He said:“Through the Cuban embassy, we want to strengthen cooperation with the Cuba Radio TV Academy and the Havana Radio Station and increase the exchanges of programs to introduce the two countries. VOV is ready to provide the Embasys with information about Vietnamese public”.