Vietnamese circus advances to conquer global audiences

(VOVWORLD) - 2009 was the first year Vietnamese circus artists performed abroad. Since then a number of circus troupes have gone overseas to promote Vietnamese circus to the world.
Vietnamese circus advances to conquer global audiences - ảnh 1Vietnam's circus performances often include folk elements.

An acrobatic performance called “Viet wings” earned Ngoc Anh and Thu Thuy of the Vietnam Circus and Vaudeville School the gold prize at the 2017 Circuba International Circus Festival in Cuba, where it won loud applause for its music, costumes, and bamboo pole props. The duo is preparing for an upcoming tour of Spain, the UK, and Mexico.

“Viet wings” succeeded artistically while raking in profits for the international organizers, according to Thu Thuy.

“Circus performances with folk elements are always welcomed by foreign audiences. Performing abroad gives us the chance to learn from foreign artists techniques which can then be taught to Vietnamese students at home,” she said.

Diversifying performances and exporting them to foreign markets is the goal of Vietnamese circus. A balancing act by Nguyen Thi Ha and an acrobatic performance using leather rope by Nguyen Thi Thu Huong and Nguyen Van Thai have thrilled audiences with their hair-raising moves and dramatic flair. Doctor Hoang Minh Khanh, Head of the Vietnam Circus and Vaudeville School attributes the success of Vietnamese circus performances overseas to the traditional culture they contain. Each performance is not just a display of isolated circus skills but an integrated work, comprising music, dance moves, and acting skills.

Doctor Khanh told VOV:  “Uniqueness determines success. Our performances are successful thanks to distinctive costumes, moves, and skills”.

Vietnamese circus advances to conquer global audiences - ảnh 2 A thrilling performance at the Vietnam Central Circus (Photo:

Vietnamese circus artists have gone from imitating other well-known performances to creating breakthroughs at international circus festivals and competitions and drawn the interest of international entertainment groups. “My village” was the first Vietnamese bamboo cirque to be staged around the world. From 2009 to 2012, the show delicately merged tradition and innovation, recreating the poetic beauty of Vietnamese village life in the North.

Phouk Narin, Director of the Cambodian National Circus School, who has brought several Vietnamese circus performances to Cambodia, said: “Your performances are well prepared with advanced techniques, making them different from performances of unconnected skills. These high-quality artworks are able to compete at international contests and appeal to the tastes of a wide range of audiences”.

Vietnam has sent several circus troupes to Europe for tours for as long as 2 years. A number of international circus troupes have offered to collaborate with Vietnamese artists.

Emeritus artist Ta Duy Anh, Director of the Vietnam Circus Federation, said: “Circus artists don’t use language, just body movements and music, so they can perform anywhere. We are working with a large German company in a performance called “Moonlight river” which will be exported to Germany”.

Circus is an excellent tool to showcase the artists’ creativity, Vietnamese culture, and the life of Vietnamese people. Performing abroad and training foreign students have promoted Vietnamese culture and boosted the income of circus artists.

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