Wedding ceremony of black Thai ethnic minorities

Thai ethnic people represent one-third of the population in the northern mountainous province of Dien Bien. They mostly live in the districts of Dien Bien and Tuan Giao. VOV gives you an insight into the wedding ceremony of black Thai ethnic minorities.

Wedding ritual of black Thai ethnic people still retains its thousands of years’ features, including decorations, costumes and offering. Before the wedding day, the groom’s family has to stay in the bridegroom’s house for months.

Dr Mai Thanh Son from the Social Science Institute of Vietnam explains: “Thai family cares a lot for boys. Before getting married, the future grooms visit his bride’s family and stay there from 6 to 12 years in the past. Now the stay is shortened to a few months. During this time, the future groom will learn life skills from his father in law.”

The wedding ceremony will be held once the groom’s apprenticeship is completed. In the official ceremonial day, the groom’s family will bring to the bride’s family numerous offering.

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Wedding ritual of black Thai people (Photo: )

The first ritual of the day is the ceremony of bed preparation, in which 4 women selected from both families will lay the sheets and pillows in the couple’s bedroom and pray for their happiness and fertility. Then comes the ritual of bending the bride’s hair upfront to indicate the status of being married. Dr Mai Thanh Son said that it takes years for the bride to prepare her belongings before moving to the groom’s family and begin a marriage life: “She spends a lot of time to prepare blankets and skirts for herself and the groom’s family. This stockpile of necessities will save time when the first child is born and she will be busy with housework and child caring. Thai women usually learn the craft of cloth weaving from early childhood. Her craft skill is demonstrated in the quality and quantity of skirts and other textile products she made”

The customs remains unchanged for many generations. Lo Thi Vien will have her daughter married next year. She said:“There is no compulsory limit on how many clothes or skirts you have to make. It could be up to 20 units for rich family and 10 for others. The belongings may include blanket, cushion, kitchenware and cows.”

 Vien said that black Thai people’s blankets are smaller than majority Kinh people’s. She said that this will keep the couple closer and enjoy a happy marriage.