Freedom of religion and belief should match social norms

(VOVWORLD) - The Vietnamese Party and State respect citizens’ rights to freedom of religion and belief within the law. But Vietnam deals strictly with religious abuse, which runs counter to social norms and traditional ethics. At a meeting in Hanoi, the Government Office repeated this statement in reference to the Church of God conducting illegal preaching activities across Vietnam. 

Freedom of religion and belief should match social norms  - ảnh 1Minister and Head of the Government Office Mai Tien Dung  addressed a government meeting on May 3, 2018 (Photo: 

Vietnam’s first Constitution stipulated freedom of religion and belief in line with international laws and standards. But Vietnamese laws ban the abuse of religious freedom to cause public disorder and harm traditional culture.

Freedom of religion and belief should not be abused

At the monthly government meeting on Thursday, Minister and Head of the Government Office Mai Tien Dung said the Church of God has insulted traditional religions and invented the so-called Water God. Conveying the Prime Minister’s instructions, he urged functional agencies and localities to scrutinize the organizations’ activities and ensure that they follow the law.

A representative from the Government Committee for Religious Affairs said the Church of God was founded in 1964 in the Republic of Korea. It operates in many countries and has millions of members. In Vietnam, the church has operated for years without a license or official recognition as a religion, although The Church of God branch in Ho Chi Minh city received an operating permit in 2017 when it met all the conditions set by the 2016 Law on Belief and Religion.

In some northern localities, certain groups that claim themselves the “Church of God” have committed venal acts and delivered superstitious messages, causing public confusion.  The government official said these acts violate laws and Government Decrees.

Genuine religion should preach goodness

A genuine religion always teaches people to strive for sincerity, perfection, and ethics. Filial piety is one of the 10 teachings of the God. But the Church of God incites people to demolish their ancestors’ altars, reject family ties, and ignore family relationships. The Church of God takes advantage of religion to confuse people and cause social disorder.

Vietnamese laws do not tolerate illegal preaching that undermines national traditions and social norms.