French creates cooperation opportunities

(VOVworld)- International Francophone Day on March 20 has been celebrated internationally for several years. Having participated in the Francophone community since the 1970s, Vietnam has contributed considerably to the organization’s development.

French creates cooperation opportunities  - ảnh 1

The motto of the Francophone community is to promote the French language and cultural diversity and richness of the French-speaking countries and different languages in the community. Through language and cultural exchanges, the community helps to strengthen solidarity and promote cooperation and political and economic opportunities.

Vietnam- an active member

Since Vietnam joined the Francophone community in the 1970s, it has focused on teaching the French language. Vietnam has co-operated with the International Francophone Organization to set up Vietnamese- French bilingual classes to promote the use of French in Vietnam. French is considered a special language in Vietnam, spoken in addition to English at international forums.

Vanissa Barak, Director of the Francophone Office of the Asia-Pacific region in Hanoi says Vietnam plays an important role in the Francophone community because it is located in a region of French-speaking countries. Vietnam is an important gateway of South East Asia and is very interested in the organization’s activities. Ms Barak said:“In our strategy, we pay a special attention to the Asia-Pacific and prioritize the promotion of French, because the use of French in the region remains limited. However, French has developed and popular in Vietnam. Our long-term strategy is, through French, to expand cultural and educational cooperation and exchanges and promote cooperation in economic and other fields with Vietnam”.

French has brought about opportunities and values for its users, especially in the context of globalization and global economic crisis. French has proved its vitality. It has become the official language in 32 countries and territories. Currently, more than 220 million people in 77 countries and territories speak French. French is also the official language spoken in several organizations including the United Nations.

French creates cooperation opportunities  - ảnh 2
Vanissa Barak, Director of the Francophone Office of the Asia-Pacific region in Hanoi

French creates opportunities for cooperation

Being aware of the importance of French and the need to promote cultural diversity in the French-speaking community, Vietnam has always been an active and dynamic member of the International Francophone Organization. Vietnam has introduced its ideas and initiatives on promoting cooperation, exchanges and dialogues on politics, economics, culture, education and agriculture in the Francophone community. Noteworthy is Vietnam’s initiative on promoting tripartite cooperation of Vietnam, an African country and the UN Food and Agriculture Organization. Vietnam successfully hosted the Francophone Summit in 1997. These activities show Vietnam’s important role and position in the region as well as in the Francophone community. Activities to mark International Francophone Day in Vietnam including awards, concerts, exhibitions, movie screenings, workshops and exchanges proved Vietnam's close cooperation with the International Francophone Organization. Vu Anh Quang is Deputy Director of the Department of International Organizations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.“This is an opportunity for Vietnam to strengthen relations with other countries in the organization. These relations play an important role in promoting Vietnam’s policies and boosting Vietnam’s international integration. Through the International Francophone Organization, Vietnam has boosted its relations with other countries in the organization”.

In early April, a Francophone forum on economic cooperation will be held in Hanoi under Vietnam’s initiative. The event is expected to draw the participation of economists and senior officials of member countries of the International Francophone Organization. The forum will create an opportunity for economists to work out economic cooperation programs and exchanges between member countries, and establish an economic cooperation mechanism in the organization and a specific action program.