Khau Pha paragliding festival promotes Yen Bai tourism

(VOVWORLD) -The Khau Pha Paragliding Festival is taking place in the Mu Cang Chai district of Yen Bai province as part of the Yen Bai Tourism Year.  More than 100 paragliders participated in the event
Khau Pha paragliding festival promotes Yen Bai tourism - ảnh 1

The festival, jointly organized by the People’s Committee of Mu Cang  Chai district and Hanoi’s Vietwings paragliding club, will continue through Sunday. It’s an opportunity for Vietnamese and foreign paragliders to share breathtaking views of Khau Pha’s stunning natural scenery at 1,200 meters above sea level. Truong Vinh Phuc is a member of the Da Nang paragliding club: This is the third year of this festival. We enjoy the feeling of flying and controlling ourselves from above. The venue for the festival is very beautiful.”

Khau Pha is rated one of the four most beautiful paragliding sites in Vietnam and among the 10 most beautiful flying spots in the world. The festival is usually held in September, when rice in the terraced fields ripens. But this year, it was held in May, when the province’s terraced rice fields are most beautiful. Do Anh Tuan is a visitor: “Flying above terraced rice fields during the rainy season is really wonderful. At that time, we can admire the sunlight glittering on the water in the rice fields. The scene is really spectacular.”

Yen Bai hopes that the festival, by promoting the scenic beauty of its terraced rice fields, will attract more tourists to the province.