Measures taken to prevent Zika virus epidemic

(VOVworld) – The Government, Prime Minister, and the Ministry of Health have issued documents and organized working teams to direct the prevention of the Zika virus epidemic. Communications have been enhanced and measures have been introduced to help people prevent themselves from Zika infection.

Measures taken to prevent Zika virus epidemic - ảnh 1
A quarantine area in Ho Chi Minh city

Vietnam has reported 23 cases of Zika virus infection in Khanh Hoa, Phu Yen, Binh Duong, Long An, Tra Vinh, Dak Lak and Ho Chi Minh City. 17 cases were confirmed in Ho Chi Minh City. The city’s Health Department has enhanced epidemic controls by opening 30 Zika screening sites, distributing 2,000 test kits to district hospitals, and requesting people to be tested if they experienced Zika symptoms.

The Director of the Ho Chi Minh City’s Health Department, Nguyen Tan Binh, said: “The municipal health sector will expand the network of Zika virus test to 24 districts. Hospitals, clinics, and preventive medicine centers will work together to fight Zika. From now until the end of the rainy season will be ideal for mosquito breeding.”

On October 30, the Department of Preventive Health confirmed that a 4-month-old girl in Dak Lak was born with microcephaly disease due to Zika. Director of the Ho Chi Minh City Pasteur Institute, Phan Trong Lan, stressed the need to protect women two months before pregnancy and the 3 first months ò being pregnant.

A Zika test is also needed for men. Mr. Lan said: “Pregnant women should be protected from mosquito bites in the first 2 months ò prenancy. The administration and organizations need to get involved in cleaning the environment, particularly public places.”

The Ministry of Health has asked provinces and cities to closely watch out for suspected Zika virus infections, enhance health checks at border gates, and effectively implement preventive measures.
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