Meetings to resolve voters’ complaints

(VOVWORLD) - Meeting with voters is a way for National Assembly deputies to learn people’s aspirations, address their concerns, and clarify Party guidelines and State policies. These activities help National Assembly deputies fulfil their oversight function.
Meetings to resolve voters’ complaints - ảnh 1

Since the beginning of the 14th National Assembly tenure in the 2016, deputies have held 6,500 meetings with voters and answered 10,000 complaints on things like the high cost of logistics and transportation and red tape. To build a favourable business environment and handle voters’ complaints, the Prime Minister has met with farmers, workers, and businesspeople, chaired investment promotion conferences, and sent teams to localities and sectors to monitor the collaboration between government agencies and Party and Fatherland organizations.

Improving National Assembly activities and deputies

Voters have praised the National Assembly’s Q&A sessions. The deputies have absorbed voters’ suggestions and taken into account public opinions in drafting laws and choosing areas for oversight.

National Assembly Chairwoman Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan said: “Areas for oversight are debated at National Assembly meetings. Reports indicate that implementation of National Assembly resolutions has had significant results. Progress in all sectors shows the determination and high sense of responsibility of cabinet members in boosting the economy.”

The government and ministries have answered 4-fifths of 2,600 petitions and revised 16 legal documents. Head of the the National Assembly’s Commission for People’s Aspiration Nguyen Thanh Hai said: “National Assembly delegations acknowledge that the government, ministries, and sectors have worked hard to resolve voters’ petitions. Some laws have been revised according to recommendations from the National Assembly Standing Committee.”

Resolving voters’ petitions

The National Assembly, the Government, and the Prime Minister have identified shortcomings in order to find more effective solutions. Mrs. Hai again: “National Assembly agencies are trying to do a better job of collecting and using voters’ recommendations. A national conference will be held to assess the resolution of voters’ petitions.”