NA mid-year session: Challenges identified for national development

(VOVWORLD) - The National Assembly’s mid-year session closed in Hanoi on Friday, after passing 7 laws and 10 resolutions in line with Vietnam’s current development direction. 

NA mid-year session: Challenges identified for national development   - ảnh 1

Deputies acknowledged the government’s efforts to achieve the 12 goals set by the Assembly, including the GDP growth rate.

Despite regional and global complications, slower growth, and rifts between major world powers, the Vietnamese government sees 2019 as a breakthrough year in  fulfilling its 5-year plan until 2020, whose motto is: “Discipline, integrity, action, creativity, breakthroughs, and effectiveness.”

Through discussions and Q&A sessions, legislators closely examined the current situation in Vietnam and challenges that need to be met. Deputy Tran Anh Tuan representing Ho Chi Minh City said: “Although progress was made in the first months of this year, difficulties remain. Deputies candidly pointed out shortcomings and their causes to help the government deal with key issues for the rest of this year and in subsequent years.”

In the just-concluded session, legislators chose as a priority for their oversight implementing policies and laws on child abuse prevention and control. The Assembly adopted a Resolution on Vietnam’s Accession to the International Labor Organization’s Convention 98, which promotes the right to organize and bargain collectively. Convention 98 support demonstrates Vietnam’s growing international integration and commitments to new free trade agreement s. Deputy for Hanoi Ngo Duy Hieu said: “The Convention 98 ratification shows Vietnam’s proactive integration and creates an advanced environment to better protect workers’ rights and bolster the economy. Ofcourse, after joining the Convention, Vietnam must ensure a unified system of domestic and international regulations.”

Fine-tuning Q&A

230 deputies were engaged in Q&A sessions, which involved the Ministers of Public Security, Construction, Transport, and Culture, Sports, and Tourism. Lam Quang Dai, deputy for Ho Chi Minh City said: “During the 2 and a half day hearing with 4 ministers and deputy prime ministers, deputies raised voters’ concerns and the ministers gave satisfactory answers.”

Assembly reforms such as allocating more time for debates has benefited decision making. National Assembly Chairwoman Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan said: “Deputies’ questions, on the one hand, reflect the National Assembly’s intrinsic responsibility and right of oversight. On the other hand, they reflect the sharing of responsibility with the government and recommendations for addressing weaknesses and meeting voters’ aspirations.” 

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