New page in Vietnam-Egypt relationship

(VOVWORLD) - Egypt’s President El Sisi began a 2-day official visit to Vietnam on Thursday, the first visit by an Egyptian leader since the two countries established diplomatic ties in 1963. The visit is expected to promote the traditional friendship and bilateral cooperation.
New page in Vietnam-Egypt relationship - ảnh 1Egyptian President El Sisi

Egypt was one of the first Arab countries to establish ties with Vietnam. Since 1963, the two countries have supported each other’s national liberation struggle and development. In November, 2013, Egypt became the first North African country to recognize Vietnam’s full market economy status.

A much-anticipated visit

President El Sisi’s visit to Vietnam is closely followed by Egyptian businesses, analysts, and public, who believe the visit will open a new page in bilateral ties. Ambassador Moheb M. El Samra, a senior diplomat of Egypt’s Afro-Asian Solidarity Committee said: “Vietnam and Egypt have a fine relationship. Vietnam’s national liberation movement led by President Ho Chi Minh inspired and influenced national liberation movements in Egypt and many other countries. We want to organize annual meetings between Afro-Asian Solidarity Committees and Vietnam and between Vietnam and Egypt to strengthen solidarity.”

Asia researcher Ahmed Abdol Tarabeik of the Al Ahram Center said the Egyptian President’s visit reflects Egypt’s “Look East” policy, its respect for cooperation with Vietnam, and Vietnam’s role in ASEAN and the world: “Egypt plays a major role in the Middle East while Vietnam has strong influence in Southeast Asia. The Vietnam-Egypt cooperation is of great importance. Egypt closely follows Vietnam’s development achievements and maritime stability and security. I believe that bilateral cooperation will reap further successes especially after President Sisi’s visit. The two countries are gateways for their exports to the wider region. I believe the relationship is significant not only for the two countries, but also for the Middle East and Southeast Asia.”

Vietnam and Egypt have signed a number of cooperative agreements in economics, trade, investment, culture and tourism. Egypt is Vietnam’s second biggest African trade partner. Bilateral trade was valued at 316 million USD last year. Egyptian businesses hope President Sisi’s visit will pave the way for more cooperation. Doctor Amgad El Kady of the Egyptian Minstry of Industry and Trade: “I hope that President Sisi’s visit will boost the relationship with Vietnam in economics and trade. The two sides can exchange experience in national development, industry, and technology. Vietnam has been successful in a number of areas. So has Egypt. The two countries can work together for mutual benefit.”

Bilateral ties turn the page

Egypt which enjoys a strategic location in North Africa has seen its role increasing. Egypt has promoted its “Look East” policy to expand relations with Asian countries including Vietnam. President Sisi’s visit to Vietnam will mark a milestone in their 54-year diplomatic ties.