Post-election challenges in the US

(VOVWORLD) - US holds most critical midterm elections ever.
Post-election challenges in the US - ảnh 1

Today American voters cast ballots for elect all 435 seats in the US House of Representatives, 35 of 100 seats in the Senate, and 6,000 state legislature seats. Before the elections, the Republican Party of President Donald Trump controlled both chambers of the US Congress. This election has been widely seen as a referendum on Trump’s presidency.

Crucial race

During the campaign’s final days, senior politicians of both Parties, including President Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, and former President Barack Obama, went on stage to campaign for their party’s candidates and criticize the opponents.

The two major US parties spent a combined 5 billion USD on congressional campaigns, this year a record for a mid-term election in the US. Pre-election polling predicted a very tight race for control of Congress.

Tax reductions pushed through by Trump and the republicans have spurred economic growth. GDP in the last 2 quarters increased 4.2% and 3.5%. The US unemployment rate is now at 3.7%, the lowest rate since December 1969. US consumer confidence surged to an 18-year high in September, and corporate profits are at an all-time high. The Federation Reserve has increased interest rates to prevent inflation. Trump’s economic policies have boosted the US economy, but, say critics, at the cost of environmental damage and great long-term debt.

On the diplomacy front Trump’s policies have been very controversial, particularly the US’s withdrawal from international agreements and organizations and its strong support tilt toward Israel in the Israel-Palestine conflict. Packages containing explosive mailed to liberal politicians and news agencies just before the election stoked public anxiety. Meanwhile, the government has to deal with other pressing issues like soaring healthcare costs, wage demands, and corruption.  

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