Promoting Con Co tourism

(VOVworld) – Con Co island has a diverse ecosystem of forests and beaches that are attractive to tourists. Quang Tri province has developed a tourism plan to turn Con Co island into a national marine ecotourism site.

Promoting Con Co tourism - ảnh 1
A view from Con Co island to the sea

Con Co island, which covers2.3 square kilometers and lies on the 17th parallel 30 km from the mainland, is considered outpost due to its location.

In recent years, Quang Tri province has upgraded the infrastructure to turn Con Co into a tourist attraction. A Greenlines DP C5 high-speed boat capable of carrying 50 passengers has reduced travel time from the mainland from 3 hours to 1 hour. Tran Manh Minh, the boat’s captain, said: “The boat is stable on the sea, which minimizes motion sickness. It has two air-conditioners, free wifi, convenient facilities, and all safety equipment. Our company has just received an international safety license.”

Promoting Con Co tourism - ảnh 2
The boat departs from Cua Viet port to Con Co island

The high-speed boat has brought Con Co more tourists. Le Minh Tuan, Secretary of the Con Co district Party Committee, said: “The boat makes it easier for tourists to visit Con Co island. Tourism helps to affirm Vietnam’s sea and island sovereignty.”

Tourists visit the island’s light house, monument to fallen soldiers, and military tunnel, explore primitive forests, dive down to a nearby coral reef, go deep sea fishing, and enjoy fresh seafood. Visitors can stay at the local government guesthouse, homestay with local residents, or camp on the beach.
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