Russia ready for humanitarian ceasefire in Syria

(VOVworld) - Russia is ready to activate a 2-day humanitarian ceasefire in Syria every week beginning from this week. The truce is expected to help millions of Syrians suffered from war.
Russia ready for humanitarian ceasefire in Syria - ảnh 1
The debris after an airstrike in Sakhur area in Aleppo, Syria on August 15 (Photo: AFP/ VNA)
The new ceasefire comes in the context of fierce fighting between government troops and insurgents since July. Consequently, 2 million people suffered from water shortage and epidemic threats. 270,000 patients got stuck in eastern Allepo when the last humanitarian route was closed last month. UN special envoy in Syria, Staffan de Misture, has suspended the UN humanitarian deliveries in Syria, sending an alarming signal in the humanitarian campaign where civilians and children were victims.

The UN has called for an expanded 48 hour ceasefire every week to facilitate the transport of humanitarian aids to Aleppo. Russian Defense Minister Igor Konashenkov said Russia is ready to enforce the truce despite Russia’s last week call for just 3-hour ceasefire per day, which was rejected by the UN due to its short time frame for aids deliveries.

EU Security and Foreign Affairs Chief Federica Mogherini said an immediate ceasefire in Aleppo will pave the way for humanitarian aids and medical support as the UN has planned to provide hunger relief aids to 4 million people in Aleppo. UNICEF expected the ceasefire to enable water supply repairs in eastern Aleppo to prevent disease outbreaks.

Earlier ceasefires since February have brought a ray of hope for the Syrian crisis. However, those truces were repeatedly violated by both sides. Now Syrian people expected the US and Russia backed 48-hour ceasefire will be enforced in earnest for their access to international humanitarian aids.