Vietnam exports processed chicken to Japan

(VOVWORLD) -Vietnam has exported chicken meat to Japan for the first time, paving the way for more trade opportunities in the future. It’s an achievement of the husbandry sector in renovating its production methods to reach international standards. Minh Long reports on the successful value chain model.
Vietnam exports processed chicken to Japan - ảnh 1( illustrative photo)

The first shipment of processed chicken to Japan was a cooperative achievement of Vietnam’s Hùng Nhơn Corporation, the Netherlands’ Royal De Heus, Belgium’s Bel Chickens, and Japan’s Koyu & Unitek, who conducted a project to produce processed chicken in a closed chain for export to the Japanese market. The processed chicken follows Global Gap standards for husbandry and HACCP for poultry processing.

Nguyễn Quốc Toản, Deputy Director of the Department of Agriculture Processing and Market Development, said:“This success was the 1st result of close cooperation among administrative agencies, localities, and businesses. Japan’s market has a great demand for imported products. Exporting to Japan validates Vietnam’s husbandry production and food safety quality.”

Nguyễn Trí Ngọc, Vice President of the Vietnam Association of Agriculture and Rural Development, said one container of processed chicken is not much, but it has opened opportunities for Vietnam to export other types of farm products and encouraged the formation of agricultural production value chains. “Businesses play a decisive role in restructuring agricultural production. Appropriate policies are needed to attract investment in agriculture, particularly husbandry.”  

Vietnam has 160 animal raising and processing chains in 40 cities and provinces. The first shipment of chicken to Japan has opened export opportunities for other Vietnam’s agricultural products if Vietnam betters organize production chains.