Vietnam National Assembly committed to a world of sustainable growth

(VOVworld) – National Assembly chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung delivered a keynote speech at the 4th World Conference of Speakers of Parliament, which opened in New York on Monday. VOV brings you excerpts from the speech, focusing on Vietnam National Assembly’s commitment to a world of sustainable growth.



Vietnam National Assembly committed to a world of sustainable growth - ảnh 1



Mr. Hung said the legislature represents democracy and this year’s conference is an opportunity for National Assemblies to make new commitments to match the fast changing global situation.

Efforts to build an agenda for sustainable growth

Mr. Hung said all nations around the world desire a world of peace and democracy. It is necessary to build mutual trust and ensure peace through cooperation and dialogue in order to enhance democracy. Guaranteed peace and democracy will be the foundation to promote prosperity and sustainable growth, which in turn will secure peace.

Mr. Hung said the international community is building a new agenda for sustainable growth with the aim of ending poverty, narrowing inequality, and protecting the earth for the next generations. With strong political determination, members of the Inter-parliamentary Union (IPU) approved the Hanoi Declaration on “The Sustainable Development Goals: Turning Words into Action” at the 132nd IPU Assembly in Hanoi in March. Parliamentarians reaffirmed their vision for people-centered sustainable development to exercise human rights, empower everyone to make the most of their potential based on the pillars of economics, society, and environment, ensure international peace and security, and respect the UN Charter and international law.

Vietnam National Assembly and a world of peace and democracy

Mr. Hung said that like other countries Vietnam always desires a world of peace and democracy. So Vietnam’s development goal and driving force have been building a wealthy people and a strong, democratic, equal, and civilized nation.

Vietnam values the role of international cooperation in line with international law in settling disputes between nations as a way to ensure democracy in international relations. Mr. Hung said the legislature should play an important role in building a state governed by law, ensure compliance to the law, and fine-tune the legal system and policies to ensure the practice of fundamental human rights.

Vietnam’s stance is to settle disputes through peaceful means in accordance with the UN Charter, international law, and commitments not to use or threaten to use force. Vietnam strongly condemns acts of violence, threats to use force, and global terrorism. To achieve sustainable growth Vietnam is focusing on economics, society, and the environment while upholding the people’s right to mastery. Vietnam considers sustainable growth a national cause.

Mr. Hung concluded by highlighting the dream and aspiration of people around the world to live in a world of peace, democracy, and happiness. He said that the conference will reflect the commitments of parliaments and their responsibility in building a more beautiful world with law and democracy policies.