Vietnamese people celebrate International Happiness Day

(VOVworld) – Vietnamese people are celebrating International Happiness Day, March 20th with various humanitarian activities.

Vietnamese people celebrate International Happiness Day - ảnh 1

Mr. Vu Xuan Minh, a motorcycle taxi driver in HCM City, is respected for having donated blood 79 times since 1994. Twice he has received the Prime Minister’s Certificate of Merit. Mr. Minh shared with us some of his personal philosophy: “Rich people help others with money and other things. I don’t have much money, so I help others with my blood to save their lives. I do whatever I think is good”.

Sharing Minh’s impulse to increase happiness, through giving, Ms Nguyen Thi Hieu of Binh Tan District, HCM City uses her pension to help others. She also mobilizes donors to help the disadvantaged by building houses and providing free medical exams and free medicine: “I just want to share the difficulties of others. I want to express my gratitude and encourage others to do the same.”

Ms Dinh Kim Phan, a retired primary teacher in Ho Chi Minh city, has over the past 8 years taught child cancer patients at the HCM City Oncology Hospital. Her class now has more than 350 pupils. She sets aside the notebooks of pupils who are too sick to attend her class anymore and prays for a miracle for them. The number of those set-aside books has reached 700. Phan said: “I’m so happy when I see my pupils waiting for me at the hospital gate and greeting me: Ms Phan, Ms Phan… Just by spending a little time, I can help some unfortunate children. They are the motivation for me to continue to teach them.”

For Mr. Minh, Ms Hieu, and Ms Phan, happiness means sharing with less fortunate people.