Vietnamese youth's inspiring volunteerism

(VOVWORLD) - There are currently thousands of volunteer groups across Vietnam whose members are contributing their hearts and minds to diverse community activities. Their actions have added beauty and meaning to life.

Volunteer activities range from social security and public healthcare to gender equality promotion and environmental protection. Nguyen Han Tien Thanh is Asian Representative of the Treechain Network, a global project established in Australia whose mission is to set up a smart tree network that helps the community evolve into a new form: a balanced ecosystem that benefits both nature and humanity. The Treechain Network is working with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union to plant 30 million trees in Vietnam in the next 5 years. Thanh told VOV: "We’re cooperating with urban areas and residential complexes to plant trees. Similar tree planting activities have been conducted at schools and universities at weekends. We’ve proposed a plan to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and related agencies to plant trees across Vietnam."

Hoang Trung Duc established a charity group in Quang Binh province in 2013 after typhoons Wutip and Nari struck central Vietnam, causing huge losses. The group now has representatives in all the central provinces of Vietnam to support local people in need. Duc said: "Vietnam’s central provinces, Quang Binh in particular, are frequently affected by storms and floods. Young people like us acknowledge the importance of doing what we can to help our fellow countrymen in need. We organize regular activities to support disadvantaged people in our homeland Quang Binh."

"Our club focuses on programs and activities such as celebrations for kids on Children’s Day, Mid-Autumn Festival, and campaigns to support adolescents’ reproductive health. Despite our busy schedules, we try to make time for volunteer activities," said Nguyen Van Hai who leads a club of young inspiring volunteers in Vinh Phuc province.