Vietnam’s 40-year UN membership

(VOVWORLD) - 2017 marked Vietnam’s 40-year membership in the UN. Starting as a war-devastated country, Vietnam’s role at the UN and its achievements in realizing the UN Millennium Development Goals have been internationally acknowledged.

Vietnam joined the UN in 1977, promoting an external policy of multi-lateralization and diversification. Vietnam has contributed to, and received much assistance from the UN. Its prestige in the international arena has grown.

Vietnam’s improved prestige

Joining the UN, Vietnam hoped to break blockades and sanctions, and protect its interests, develop a peaceful and secure environment, and mobilize resources for national socio-economic development. Vietnam has proactively participated in UN activities on the principles of independence, self-reliance, defending national interests, and respecting the legitimate interests of other members.

Vietnam’s 40-year UN membership - ảnh 1Ambassador Ngo Quang Xuan

Pursuing a multilateral external policy, Vietnam has normalized its relations with the US, joined ASEAN, signed an economic framework agreement with the EU, become a WTO member, and strengthened its role in the UN. Ngo Quang Xuan is a former Vietnamese Ambassador to the UN: “After 1991, Vietnam developed on the basis of independence, self-reliance, and ensuring national interests while respecting others’ interests. Vietnam proved to be a responsible member of the UN and a reliable partner. In the 2008-2009 period, Vietnam fulfilled its tasks as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council. We are now ready to participate in any UN management mechanism. Vietnam’s role in the UN has changed dramatically."

Ensuring rights and interests

In the last 40 years, Vietnam has benefited greatly from UN membership. The UN helped Vietnam in social security development, resource mobilization for national renewal, and socio-economic policy reform. Besides technical assistance, the UN helped Vietnam to boost economic growth, improve institutions, address urgent social issues, and promote international integration.

Over the past five years, Vietnam-UN cooperation has focused on sustaining growth, improving access to services, and enhancing public governance to help Vietnam realize its development strategies. Ambassador Ngo Quang Xuan said Vietnam-UN cooperation is a role model of cooperation in the world: “The UN has supported Vietnam in materials and human resources. The UN helped Vietnam prepare for the renewal process and international integration and Vietnam’s prestige was built on this foundation. Cooperation between Vietnam and the UN has always been effective, objective, and transparent.”

The Vietnam-UN relationship has developed rapidly on various fronts and at various levels. Vietnam’s role in the international arena has increased. Vietnam intends to continue to participate in multilateral forums including the UN, to protect the fundamental principles of the UN Charter – sovereignty, equality, non-intervention in other’s internal affairs, - to not use or threaten to use force, and to protect the interests of all developing countries.