Vietnam’s candidacy for UNSC seat: Responsibility for a peaceful world

(VOVWORLD) - On Friday, the UN General Assembly will vote to choose five non-permanent members of the UN Security Council for the next two years. Vietnam, the only candidate from the Asia-Pacific region, has a chance to assume greater responsibility for ensuring world peace and security.  

Vietnam’s candidacy for UNSC seat: Responsibility for a peaceful world  - ảnh 1 The UN Security Council meets on April 11, 2019 in New York for an open debate on women’s role in UN peace keeping activities. Vietnam’s deputy foreign minister Le Hoai Trung delivered a statement at the discussion. (Photo: VNA)

Vietnam’s candidacy reflects its resolve to pursue a foreign policy of peace, national independence, cooperation, development, diversification, multilateralization, and pro-active and responsible participation in international organizations, especially the United Nations.

Global challenges

Vietnam was a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council in 2008 and 2009 and was twice President of the Council during this term. But the current global security situation is different from 10 years ago. Almost every month the Security Council, the UN’s most powerful body with primary responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security, faces serious problems occurring all over the world. Former Deputy Foreign Minister Pham Quang Vinh said global complexities demand that Vietnam prepare thoroughly for its new role. Mr. Vinh said: “The world has changed a lot over the past 10 years. Although peace and development remain the mainstream trend, new complexities have arisen: fierce competition between major countries, regional disputes, and changing perceptions of peace and security. What must we do to involve other countries in contributing to world peace as much as possible, boost cooperation among all countries, and create peace in all regions?”

The world expects Vietnam as a member of the UNSC to continue championing international law and resolving international disputes via peaceful means. Shahriman Lockman of Malaysia’s Institute of Strategic and International Studies, said: “The Southeast Asia is prone to conflict, now the partly overlapping membership in the UNSC plus the ASEAN Chairmanship for Vietnam will put a heavy weight of responsibility on the shoulders of Vietnam. Making use of experiences from the history of war and conflicts to the current tensions also in the South China Sea to respecting international law of the sea, Vietnam has and can be a skillful player in conflict prevention, in conflict solution, and post-conflict management.”

Responsibility for a peaceful world

Former Deputy Foreign Minister Vinh said Vietnam will work hard to elicit the cooperation of all countries once it is elected to the UN Security Council. Mr. Vinh added: “It is no longer just a national responsibility, but a shared responsibility. We should be prepared to work with other members of the Council and the UN, as well as with troubled countries to give the best possible recommendations.”

The lessons Vietnam learned from its UNSC membership 10 years ago have shifted its foreign policy from “active participation” to “pro-active contribution to shaping multilateral mechanisms.”  

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