Vietnam’s national unity

(VOVworld) – The Vietnam Fatherland Front (VFF) was established on September 10, 1955, with the purpose of promoting national unity during the resistance for national liberation and reunification. It has played an important role in building up national unity to fulfill historic tasks.

Vietnam’s national unity - ảnh 1
A postal of the Vietnam Fatherland Front

The Vietnam Fatherland Front was established on the basis of the legacy of the League for the Independence of Vietnam and the Vietnamese National Popular Front from the August Revolution of 1945. Its establishment marked a new period of Vietnam’s national unity development.

National unity for national construction and defense

Former VFF President Pham The Duyet said the VFF contributed significantly to the resistance against the US and socialism building in northern Vietnam. It helped to enhance people’s right to mastery and encouraged people to take part in National Assembly and People’s Council elections, build revolutionary governments, develop production and the economy, and practice a healthy lifestyle. Mr. Duyet said: “The VFF has united Vietnamese people of all classes and ethnicities at home and abroad. We have a combined strength on all fronts, including politics, military, and diplomacy in order to maintain independence. The VFF is open to anyone and is a good way to rally people.”

VFF’s role in social supervision and criticism

The VFF represents the people and protects their legitimate rights with its role in social supervision and criticism. Former Editor-in-chief of VFF Journal Tran Hau said: “The VFF serves as a communication channel between the Party and state and the people. Its role in social supervision and criticism is to ensure that the Party and state listen to the people and give feedback.”

Listening and explaining to the people has been the VFF’s role in recent years, requiring the organization to reform itself to better serve the people. VFF President Nguyen Thien Nhan said more should be done to make the most of national unity in the new phase of development: “The Front will create revolutionary movements in each locality to show the people its role in caring for their interests and doing what is best for the nation. It will continue to listen to the people’s opinions and forward them to the Party and state for prompt feedback.”

By promoting national unity the VFF has contributed significantly to Vietnam’s national construction and defense over the past 60 years.