Hang market embraces northern rural features

(VOVWORLD) - Despite the rapid pace of urbanization, Hang market in Hai Phong city retains the typical feature of a rural market on the Red River Delta. It offers a wide variety of products such as seedlings, ornamental trees, flowers, vegetables, pets, home appliances and electronics. Many people visit Hang market first for fun and then for buying things.
 Hang market embraces northern rural features - ảnh 1Photo: Le Tan/Thanhnien.vn 

Hang market dates back to the 17th century. It is located in Hang village which used to be a busy trading area. The village has been urbanized. It now only meets on Sunday instead of the 5th and 15th day of the month like previously. It gets especially more crowded during final last days of the lunar year.

Rural products such as farming tools, animal breeds and seedlings are still sold at the market. City dwellers can also find a flock of chicken, bamboo baskets, and iron tripods in the market. Such simple products make the market an attractive museum of rural villages in the Red River delta. Mr. Kha is a visitor from Hai Duong province:  “I like this market because it embraces the national soul. It is as simple as a rural Vietnamese village. There are many rudimentary hand-made items. I bought a bamboo water bailer here.”

Traders in Hang market are also special. They bring their domestic animals, home-made products and home-grown vegetables to sell and also to exchange experience in livestock production and cultivation. Doan Huu Gia is a customer from Hai Phong: This is a popular traditional market in Hai Phong which locals really like. I visit the market every Sunday.”

 Hang market embraces northern rural features - ảnh 2

Products on sale are categorized in different sections. The fish section runs along the main path while ornamental trees are arranged around the market area. In the animal section, visitors seem to be lost in a forest.

This section is the noisiest but the most attractive in the market. Pigs, ducks, dogs, cats, birds, turtles, rabbits, hamsters, crickets and many other animals of different sizes and colors are available. Nguyen Quang Tien is a visitor from Hanoi: “There are some products that can only found in Hang market. I come here sometimes to buy chickens like Dong Tao chickens and breeding chickens.”

Hang market also sells second-hand items, kerosene lamps, drills, water pumps, and electronic products such as CD players and computers. 

Hang market is not just a trading place but also a venue to explore the rural features of a Red River delta village.