Unique fine arts products in Dong Ky

(VOVworld) – Located 20 km from Hanoi, Dong Ky village in Bac Ninh province is renowned for its traditional craft of making wood furniture inlaid with mother of pearl. The craft has been practiced in the village for hundreds of years.

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In Dong Ky village, all the locals participate in the production of traditional wood furniture. Woodworking begins in the village at an early age. It is no exaggeration to say that the artisans of Dong Ky have talent in their blood for this craft which is passed from generation to generation. Nguyen Van Son is only 20 years old but he already has 10 years of professional experience. When he was little, after school, he helped his family to polish and varnish the wood. Then his father taught him to shave and chisel the wood. When he was 15 he started learning to carve simple designs. Today he has mastered all stages of production: " The most important steps in this profession are chiseling and painting, because they determine the beauty of the products. That is why chiselers and painters are better paid. I can earn 200,000 VND a day doing those tasks"

According to Nguyen Duy Toan, Head of the Toan Loc cooperative, the wood furniture and fine arts wood products of Dong Ky are popular not only in Vietnam but also abroad because they are all hand-made: “To make simple products such as a bed or wardrobe, we can use machines. But no machine can make fine arts products, so Dong Ky fine arts products are all made by hand by our experienced wood workers”

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Dong Ky artisans diversify their products trying to suit every taste. Mr. Toan again:“Previously, our products were made from home-grown trees and only wealthy families could afford sophisticated products which took the artisans more than a year to finish. Due to increasing demand and unreliable sources of materials, we have to increase our competitiveness. To this end, we need to diversify our products and improve their quality to better meet customer expectations"

Dong Ky village has 200 households and companies specializing in the production and trade of fine furniture. The trade has generated thousands of jobs and woodworking is the main source of wealth for the village. Many families generate annual revenues of 40 billion VND or more. Some have even grossed a hundred billion VND in one year. Dong Ky wood furniture and fine arts wood products are exported to Europe, Africa and America. More than ever, protection of the local craft is needed. Vu Quoc Vuong is President of the Dong Ky Fine Arts Products Association: “To expand the local trade, we plan to build a brand for our products. Before offering our products on the market, we must ensure their consistent quality. This year, we will participate in an exhibition to introduce our products”.

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In addition to its high quality wood products, Dong Ky is also renowned for having numerous cultural relics. The village festival is held on the 4th day of the first lunar month and is among the most original in Vietnam because it still preserves many traditional rituals. Dong Ky village is undoubtedly a favorite travel destination.


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