Indian-Style Basmati Rice

(VOVWORLD) - Basmati rice is the popular very long grain rice grown in northern India. Cooked basmati rice is made especially flavorful by adding milk and various spices.

Indian-Style Basmati Rice - ảnh 1Indian chef Halim Ali Khan (Photo: Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi) 

A: Welcome to another show on VOV24/7’s Food Delight.

B: In previous shows, you’ve gotten to know distinctive flavors from different places. We shouldn’t leave India off our list of world cuisines with a creative use of spices.

A: If you’re crazy for spicy food, I’m sure you like Indian food. Let’s find out more about Indian cuisine on today’s show.

B: Like many other Asian countries, rice is a staple food in India. And India’s Basmati rice is very famous.

A: We welcome to today’s show Indian chef Halim Ali Khan, who showcased some of his culinary creations at the Spring Culinary Festival at Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi. Hi, Khan! Today we’re talking about Basmati rice. We would like to hear from you.

Chef: Basmati rice is popular in India. It’s grown only in India, a very long grain rice. This one is very fragrant and spicy. Then you add milk. It’s good with all kinds of curries.

B: Basmati rice is typical of India. So, is Basmati rice grown all over your country?

Chef: Basmati rice is grown in the northern part of India. The most popular region is Dehradun. This is the place where the rice originated. Now, it is grown in other areas but rice from that place has a different flavor. 

A: I’ve tried Basmati rice. The rice has a yellow color and the taste is really flavorful. Is Basmati rice cooked differently from the way we normally cook our plain rice?

Chef: You soak the rice for 30 minutes, then you add spices: cumin, bay leaf, green cardamom, black cardamom. Saute in oil. Then add slices of onion. After that you add ginger and garlic paste, and sauté. You put some milk and you add water. After that, salt, sugar. Then, you put the rice in a pot. That’s the important technique to learn. You cook the rice in a pot, not in a steamer.

B: The rice is really savory, thanks to the combination of spices.

A: I know, Indian food is known for its magical use of spices with interesting tastes. I see that Basmati rice is not sticky like the rice we eat every day. Is it because it is cooked differently?

Chef: When you cook the rice, use 1 to 1 ratio of liquid and rice. For 1 kilo of rice, the liquid should be 1 liter. Then cook the rice over a high flame. When the water is reduced, reduce the heat and simmer for 5 to 10 minutes. The rice should absorb all the water. Then garnish with fried onion.

Indian-Style Basmati Rice - ảnh 2

Indian-style Basmati rice (Photo: Pinterest)

B: Wow, the rice is ready to serve now!

Chef: After you cook the rice, remove all the spices. The flavor is already in the rice and the oil.

A: Ah, we have to take the spices out of the rice before serving. Do you eat Basmati rice with your daily meals?

Chef: Rice and bread are our daily foods. This is the main side dish with curries. We have varieties: tomato rice, lemon rice, cumin rice, dried fruit rice, coconut rice…At home, we eat plain rice but at a hotel or restaurant, we eat different kinds of rice.

B: Thank you, chef Ali Khan, for spending time with us on today’s show. He will be back next week to tell us more about Indian cuisine. Until then, good bye!