20th Eurasian Economic Summit kick-starts in Istanbul

(VOVworld) - The 20th Eurasian Economic Summit started in Istanbul yesterday/ on Wednesday with the main theme “Humanity at Crossroads.” The conference is gathering 200 statesmen, academics, and businessmen with representatives from 44 countries and religious functionaries. 

20th Eurasian Economic Summit kick-starts in Istanbul - ảnh 1
Istanbul Chamber of Commerce Ibrahim Caglar (Photo: Fortunateturkey.com)

Istanbul Chamber of Commerce President İbrahim Çağlar said the world was in a junction where in it needed to choose between chaos and hope. He said that the world needed to give hand-in-hand and build a new economic life, which would not only help improve the economy but also the welfare and happiness of people. High on the agenda of the two-day summit is the discussion on migrant crisis and terrorism.