Abu Sayyaf executes Filipino hostage

(VOVworld) - The Philippine army says Abu Sayyaf fighters have beheaded one of four Filipino fishermen they took captive in December.

Abu Sayyaf executes Filipino hostage  - ảnh 1
The Philippine army has declared all-out war against Abu Sayyaf on Jolo and Basila (Photo:EPA)

Brigadier-General Cirilito Sobejana, military commander on Jolo Island, said
Sunday that Besconde, the boat's captain, was executed in the jungle near the town of Patikul on Thursday but that his body has yet to be recovered. The Abu Sayyaf group has about 400 gunmen in southern Philippines.
General Sobejana said the group had demanded about 60,000 USD as ransom for Besconde's release but the government maintains a policy of refusing to pay ransom. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has ordered the army to hunt down any Abu Sayyaf gunmen and Basilan and has ruled out any possible truce with the group.