Beijing proposes China-ASEAN pledge on territorial disputes

(VOVworld) – Singapore’s daily “Straits Times” newspaper reported on Friday that Beijing has proposed a joint statement pledging to adhere to the principles of an earlier pact, including refraining from increasing tensions in the area pending a binding agreement on how China and ASEAN should manage territorial disputes in the East Sea.

Beijing proposes China-ASEAN pledge on territorial disputes - ảnh 1
A ship (top) of the Chinese Coast Guard is seen near a ship of the Vietnam Marine Guard in the East Sea, off shore of Vietnam in this May 14, 2014. (File photo: REUTERS)

The statement will reflect elements in the 2002 Declaration of Conduct (DOC) signed by China and ASEAN members, stating that all parties should resolve disputes peacefully and avoid anything that would complicate or escalate the situation.

In his address following a 2-day meeting in Singapore with Chinese and ASEAN diplomats, China’s Vice-Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin said on Thursday that it was "necessary" for members of the 10-nation grouping to reaffirm their commitment to the DOC.


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