Belgium arrests 5 suspects of Paris, Brussels attacks

(VOVworld) – On Friday Belgian police arrested five men linked to the Brussels and Paris bomb attacks. Belgian prosecutors said one of detainees was Mohamed Abrini, who was already the subject of a international manhunt linked to the Paris attacks last November that killed 130 people. He was caught on CCTV with Salah Abdeslam at a gas station 2 days before the Paris attack. The investigators “are verifying whether Abrini can be identified as the so-called “man in the hat”, the third person present during the attacks in Zaventem. Traces of his fingerprints and ADN were found in a house on Driest street in Brussels.
Belgium arrests 5 suspects of Paris, Brussels attacks - ảnh 1
Abrini was arrested in Anderlecht, on the west side of Brussels. (Photo: Reuters)

Police are investigating whether another of the men arrested on Friday, identified by Belgian officials as Osama Kayem, was one of the suicide bombers at Maalbeek subway station. He was seen on CCTV footage while buying nilon bags in City 2 shopping center, believed to be used in Zavatem airport bombing.

Belgium sustains its the national security alert level at level 3.

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