Business community’s want reforms in banking and finance

(VOVworld) – The business community and economists  expect that leaders of the financial and banking sectors will effect management reforms in their new term.

Business community’s want reforms in banking and finance - ảnh 1

They also hope that policies will be devised to help businesses achieve sustainable growth. Tong Quang Huy, Director of the Hai Tien Paper and Notebook company, said: “Businesses expect that the Minister of Finance and the Governor of the State Bank of Vietnam will have policies to give businesses greater access to funding. We hope that the banking system will be healthier and meet our demands. Tax policies have improved significantly. We expect that corporate income tax will be lower to facilitate our investment in production.”

Economist Pham Tat Thang said priority should be given to rising public debt: “People expect that the new ministers will address the issue of rising public debt. The financial and banking sector should play an important role in this effort.”