CNRP official arrested for slandering Vietnam’s policy

(VOVworld) - Chhea Tang Sorn, Chief of the Cambodia National Rescue Party’s Executive Committee in Takeo province’s Pray Kabbas district has been arrested for distributing leaflets warning against Vietnamese policies towards Cambodia and disrupting national security.

CNRP official arrested for slandering Vietnam’s policy - ảnh 1
Vietnamese PM Nguyen Tan Dung and Cambodian PM Hun Sen at a ceremony to inaugurate a border marker in 2012 (Source:

On August 29, Chhea Tang Sorn handed out leaflets accusing Vietnam of destroying Cambodia by poisoning food and buying off Cambodia officials, undermining Cambodian law, according to Takeo police. They said that the claims of the leaflets are false and disrupt national security.

On August 15, Cambodian police arrested Hong Sok Hour, Senator of the opposition CNRP Party, for distorting a Cambodia-Vietnamese agreement on border affairs.

Prime Minister Hun Sen accused Hong Sok Hour of posting material about a 1979 border agreement that amounts to treason.

Hong Sok Hour was charged on three counts of falsifying public documents, using fake documents, and inciting chaos to disrupt social security.


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