East Sea conflict could reverse the global economic recovery

(VOVworld) – Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung wrapped up his official visit to the Philippines to attend the 2014 World Economic Forum on East Asia in Manila. Through the visit Vietnam hoped to convey two messages: Vietnam is an active participant and contributor to resolving regional and global issues and it is resolutely committed to protecting its national sovereignty in the East Sea.

East Sea conflict could reverse the global economic recovery - ảnh 1
PM Dung speaks at a press conference in the Philippines (Photo: VNA)

Prime Minister Dung attended and delivered speeches at all sessions of the 2014 WEF on East Asia. At the opening ceremony, his speech made a strong impression and received vocal support. He stressed the need for a sustainable growth model and the impossibility of development without peace and stability.

Dung said that in the context of extensive international integration, economic growth depends on a structural reform of economic institutions. Of developments in the East Sea, Dung said: “Disputes over sovereignty and territory in the East Sea and East China Sea have been evolving with complexity and seriously threatening peace, stability and security in the region. Today, over three-fourths of the world’s goods are shipped via maritime transportation, of which two-thirds go through the East Sea. Instability or conflict in the area will disrupt this huge flow of goods and have unforeseeable impacts on regional and world economies. It could even reverse the trend of the global economic recovery.

Dung expressed his sincere thanks to ASEAN, and friends around the world for their sympathy and support for Vietnam’s defense of its national sovereignty and legitimate interests. He said he hopes Vietnam will continue to receive such valuable support, considering it to preventing violations of international law.

East Sea conflict could reverse the global economic recovery - ảnh 2
PM Nguyen Tan Dung and Philippine President Benigno S.Aquino III (Source: VNA)

During talks with Prime Minister Dung, Filipino President Benigno Aquino III shared his deep concern about the particularly dangerous situation in the East Sea. The two agreed on measures and specific targets to boost cooperation, especially security and maritime cooperation, which are the backbone of their relationship. President Aquino said he thinks cooperation with Vietnam and other ASEAN members in security and defense will improve regional stability. The leaders discussed cooperation between the two maritime police forces to protect aquatic resources and prevent illegal activities in the maritime areas bordering the two countries.

Meanwhile Deputy Foreign Minister Pham Quang Vinh told reporters: “Prime Minister Dung and Filipino leaders discussed recent East Sea developments. The Filipino leaders agreed with Vietnam’s pursuit of a peaceful solution in line with international law to end the disputes and prevent future violations of the territorial waters and maritime sovereignty of coastal countries under international law and the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea. They said the Philippines will support ASEAN’s effort to build a peaceful and stable environment in the East Sea, especially by hastening the approval of the Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the East Sea, but that it’s time now for Vietnam to pursue legal solutions after repeated fruitless discussions with China.