Egypt court adjourns Morsi’s trial

(VOVworld) – Cairo’s Criminal Court on January 8 adjourned the trial of deposed president Mohamed Morsi until February 1. 

Egypt court adjourns Morsi’s trial - ảnh 1
Mohamed Morsi. Photo:

Egypt’s news agency MENA cited Nasser al-Abad, Head of Alexandria’s Detective Department, as saying that bad weather prevented a military helicopter from bringing Morsi to court. Morsi and 14 co-defendants, including Mohamed El-Beltagi and Essam El-Erian, high-level leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) are accused of inciting violence that killed opposition protesters in December, 2012, outside the presidential palace. If found guilty, Morsi could be sentenced to life imprisonment or death. Morsi was deposed by a military coup after massive anti-government demonstrations involving millions of participants took place. Morsi will later have to stand on charges of organising prison breaks, kidnapping, killing police officers in 2011, espionage, and supporting terrorist activities.

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