Egyptian investors expand business in Vietnam

(VOVworld)- The Vietnamese Embassy and Trade Office in Egypt held a trade and investment promotion conference in Aswan province on Monday to draw local businesses’ attention to Vietnam.
Egyptian investors expand business in Vietnam - ảnh 1
Vietnamese Ambassador Do Hoang Long and President of the Aswan Chamber of Commerce Mohamed Abu Al Kassem chair the conference (Source: VNA)

At the event, Vietnamese Ambassador Do Hoang Long informed local officials and participating enterprises of Vietnam’s development policies, economic strengths and development potential as well as its key export products.  He proposed setting up links between the Vietnamese Embassy and Aswan province’s Chamber of Commerce to connect businesses of the two countries. Egyptian businesses shared their keen interest in promoting tourism investment in Vietnam. Isaac Ibrahim is Director of the Abraam Travel Company: “The conference was successful because it paved the way for business cooperation between Vietnam and Aswan province and Egypt in general. We plan to invest in Vietnam because we know that Vietnam has a lot of export items like agricultural, forestry, and fishery products and fruits. These are products that Egyptian people are very interested in”.