Foreign Ministry responds to Czech visa, Cambodia election, trade war

(VOVWORLD) - Vietnam Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Le Thi Thu Hang said the Czech Republic’s suspension of visa grants to Vietnamese workers is a technical issue.
Foreign Ministry responds to Czech visa, Cambodia election, trade war - ảnh 1Vietnam Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Le Thi Thu Hang. 

Ms. Hang was addressing a regular Foreign Ministry press briefing on Thursday.

“We understand that this is a technical issue and we are ready to cooperate with the Czech Republic to address issues in long-term visa granting for labor and business purposes to Vietnamese citizens. This will facilitate bilateral cooperation in many fields in line with the traditional friendship relations between Vietnam and the Czech Republic,” she said.

The spokeswoman congratulated the Cambodian people for the country’s successful organization of its National Assembly election last Sunday. She said the election took place freely and democratically with high turn-out, reflecting the Cambodians’ trust in the nation’s future.

“As a neighboring country with fine traditional relations with Cambodia, Vietnam congratulates Cambodia for its successful important election and hopes that it will achieve more success in national construction for peace, stability and prosperity,” Ms. Hang noted.

Regarding the recent US-China trade row, she said Vietnam views trade disputes as issues that must be addressed through negotiation and dialogue, based on international law and regulations for the legitimate rights of parties for peace, cooperation and development.