German paper spotlights Vietnam’s development attainments

German paper spotlights Vietnam’s development attainments - ảnh 1
Nhat Tan bridge in Hanoi
(VOVworld)- Neues Deutschland, a German newspaper, ran an article on Vietnam’s achievements in national defense and development in its special issue for April 23 – 24 on the paper’s 70th founding anniversary.  The article, written by Detlef Pries, recalls an important event in Vietnam seven decades ago – the first National Assembly election of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. The election in 1946, one year after President Ho Chi Minh proclaimed the independence of Vietnam, was of important to Vietnam and to national liberation movements throughout the world. The “Doi moi” (reform) policy launched by the Communist Party of Vietnam in 1986 resulted in enormous achievements such as millions of people escaping from poverty and Vietnam integrating into the world.  Those accomplishments were greatly influenced by President Ho Chi Minh, who laid the foundations for modern Vietnam, the article says.