Germany calls for implementation of EU-Turkey deal

(VOVworld) – EU-Turkey deal must be implemented to prevent the influx of migrants to the Europe. German Chancellor Angela Merkel made the statement as migrants continued to flow in great numbers from Turkey to the Greek islands.

Germany calls for implementation of EU-Turkey deal - ảnh 1
US President Barack Obama và German Chancellor Angela Merkel. (Photo: Reuters)

Addressing a press conference in Hanover after a meeting with leaders of the G-5 Group (US, France, UK, Italy, and Germany), Merkel said the EU-Turkey deal which took effect three weeks ago should be realized through the NATO deployment in the Aegean Sea.

Merkel said G-5 leaders are concerned about the break-up of the fragile ceasefire in Syria, the homeland of hundreds of thousands of people displaced by civil war and trying to enter Europe. The G-5 agreed to continue Syrian peace talks in Geneva, Switzerland, to find a way to end the Syrian war.

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