Gia Lai commemorates 40 years of liberation

(VOVworld) – On Tuesday, revolutionary veterans, provincial leaders, and representatives of departments, agencies, and the armed forces in Gia Lai province burned incense and paid tribute to martyrs to mark 40 years since  the province’s liberation day on March 17th.

Gia Lai commemorates 40 years of liberation - ảnh 1
Pepper trees have brought prosperity for Gia Lai people

Tran Viet Xuan, a war veteran who participated in the liberation of Gia Lai, said:“Today I want to burn incense for my comrades and remember that difficult period. After 40 years Gia Lai has changed a lot, becoming more beautiful and prosperous thanks to the Party and government’s investment and joint efforts by all the locals. I strongly believe that the province will develop further in the future.”



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