Hanoi Days open in Moscow

(VOVworld) - The Hanoi Days program began at Et Cetera Theatre in Moscow on Monday as part of the signed agreements between the two capital cities to strengthen friendship ties.

Hanoi Days open in Moscow - ảnh 1
An art performance featuring Vietnam’s land and people.

A special art performance kicked off the event with folk and popular songs about Hanoi and Vietnam’s land and people.

Moscow Government Minister Sergey Treriomin said that “the relations between Russia and Vietnam have developed and flourished over the past six decades despite many challenges and obstacles. Such activities have helped us strengthen ties in economics, politics, and culture. We all expect to double and triple their two-way trade turnover in the future to fully realize potential.”

Hanoi Days open in Moscow - ảnh 2
Russian audience expresses their interest in art performances by Vietnamese artists.

A series of activities will be held including exhibitions on Hanoi-Moscow cooperative relations and trade and investment promotion programs.


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