Hanoi to focus on economic recovery

(VOVworld) – Restoring economic growth is the overall target of Hanoi’s 2014-2015 plan, according to the Hanoi municipal People’s Committee. Its report to the 15th Hanoi Party Committee's Executive Board on Tuesday suggested that the city should enhance quality, efficiency, and competitiveness in line with implementing Vietnam’s three strategic breakthroughs: refining its socialist-oriented market economy, rapidly developing human resources, and building a coordinated infrastructure system. Hanoi needs to attract more investments, refine its investment structure, curb inflation, and ensure social security.

Hanoi to focus on economic recovery - ảnh 1
Hanoi focuses on 9 groups of solutions to recover its economy. (Photo: VNA)

By 2015, Hanoi expects to see 9% annual GDP growth, an average annual per capita income of 3,300 USD, 13% investment growth, and 0.8% poverty reduction. Reaching the targets will require Hanoi to focus on 9 groups of solutions, which include stabilizing the macro-economy, controlling inflation, facilitating production and business, improving the environment, and tapping resources for urban development.
Hanoi municipal Party Secretary Pham Quang Nghi said: "Our foremost task in the 14th tenure is administrative reform to tighten discipline and order in administrative operations. 2013 was a year of discipline and order. In 2014, we will focus on social order and urban civilization. That means that restoring discipline is a prime duty for Hanoi which will require communications and proper enforcement."   

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