Japan’s new Emperor Naruhito rules in Reiwa era

(VOVWORLD) - Japan's new Emperor Naruhito on Wednesday formally ascended the throne, a day after his father Akihito's abdication, and began a new imperial era called Reiwa, which means good harmony.
Japan’s new Emperor Naruhito rules in Reiwa era - ảnh 1 Japan's new Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako (Photo: AFP) 

At a ceremony in Tokyo, Mr. Naruhito prayed for the world’s peace, pledged to abide by the Japanese constitution, and do his best to serve the people. He was presented with the Kusanagi sword, the Yata mirror, and the Yasakani gem, symbolizing bravery, wisdom, and mercy. An official enthronement ceremony is scheduled for October 22 with attendance of 900 guests, including leaders from 195 nations.

Born in 1960, Naruhito is the eldest son of Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko. Crown Prince Naruhito now becomes the 126th Emperor of Japan after his father’s abdicating due to his advanced age and health concerns.  

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