Malaysia investigates the possibility of MH370’s pilot suicide

(VOVworld) – As the search for the missing Malaysian plane reached its eleventh day, Malaysian investigators began focusing on the theory of a pilot’s suicide leading to the plane’s disappearance, especially after the preliminary results of investigations indicated that the last recorded words from the co-pilot were “All right, good night”.

Malaysia investigates the possibility of MH370’s pilot suicide - ảnh 1
Several countries are scouring the seas for signs of the missing plane

The Malaysian Minister of Transport, Hishammuddin, said the police were closely investigating the air crew’s actions days before the flight and had searched the homes of the pilots. A missing passenger and aeronautical engineer, Mohd Khairul Amri Selamat, was also put under investigation.
Satellite data suggests that the missing plane might be somewhere in the North Indian Ocean, anywhere from Laos to the Caspian Sea or in the South Indian Ocean, in an area from the West of Indonesia’s Sumatra island to Western Australia. China’s Ambassador to Malaysia Huang Huikang said on Tuesday that China had begun searching for the missing plane across Northern China. China has deployed 10 search vessels, several planes and 21 satellites and called on all China-registered commercial vessels in the area to join the search.

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